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The mysteries of Tarot.

A Tarot reading can be an excellent way to gain some perspective on your own life. Do you need some clarification on a situation or something close to your heart? I am able to rely on my Claircognizance and Clairaudience to be an intuitive Tarot Card Reader. I love being able to help my clients identify what may be interfering, missing or what is getting in the way.  Let's work together and bring out the great things that lay ahead for you. I have been reading Tarot since 2014, and I am recently new to discover I can channel feelings from loved ones, I am new at that so I ask your patience.  My sole purpose is to  make an impact and to help you improve your path and provide positive energy for a successful future.

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Full reading up to 16 cards $60  5-8-Card reading $40      Group Readings available
***I accept Mastercard/Visa/debit by Square/cash and e-transfer

My daughter couldn't make it to the reading but she was very interested on how mine came out. I told her that my reading was spot on!! I am not sure how she did it but holy cow she hit home!!


I am a true skeptic through and through.  I can't get over how Brenda seemed to know I had a new business venture that was in the planning stage, she gave me such insight and confidence to pursue my dreams. This was my first Tarot reading, I have never really been interested in getting a reading but I thought why not!! I was a little apprehensive but I am so glad I did it!!


Brenda  makes you feel at home and  welcome the moment you meet her. Through the reading I was amazed at how she gently drew out my most inner weakness and showed me how I can turn that around. She made me realize I am the one who really gets in my way and how I can be my own worse enemy. She showed me how I have all the worldly tools to make my own successes. I am working on believing in myself. Thank you !!!


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